5 places to never wear jeans to

In the ever changing world of today, people can pretty much wear jeans to any event. Jeans are so comfortable that you can wear them to dinners, while travelling and even to corporate office environments. They seem to have become the modern day signature wear that everyone can have, so long as the denims are well fitted and come in a nice colour.

However,  irrespective of how much the modern age seem to have accepted the Jean vogue, there are some places and events you should never consider wearing jeans to.
The reason for this is that jeans would be too casual and would make you appear practically nonchalant at serious events. As such, you need to have a good idea of places where you need to wear denims to. In doing this, it is important for you to have at the back of your mind that knowing when to stick to the rules and when to break them regarding fashion is what makes your fashion style and sense different from the rest.

Here are five places you should never break the Jean rule for.

During Workouts

I’ve seen a couple of people go through their workout in jeans, which is totally wrong. Athletic activities should be undertaken in safe and comfortable gears and of course, to look aesthetically pleasing. Try and get to a good store to get the appropriate clothes for your exercises and workouts.


No matter how small or simple you think the wedding event you’re attending is, you should never wear jeans to a wedding solemnization. Perhaps you think because your jeans are dark coloured or come in a slim cut they would be an eye turner, it is still a no no. Moreover, don’t be too quick to change into them at the after party. Know that it’s a one time event that would hold a lot of memories and you sure don’t want to be remembered by your jeans.

Job Interview

Depending on the kind of industry you find yourself, wearing jeans to a job interview should never be considered. Corporate industries and even relatively informal ones still require a more serious appearance which denims can’t provide. Instead of wearing jeans, you can consider wearing dark chinos trousers which asides their sophistication, add a savvy look to your appearance. And of course, dressing corporately for a 45 minute interview is not too much to ask for something that could be life changing.

Cocktail Events

Irrespective of how expensive your jeans are, it would be foolhardy to wear them to a cocktail event. Provided the invitation card to the event indicates a dress code, it would be nice to stick to it. If the event however doesn’t come with a dress code, you should just channel your thoughts to a formal event (the venue most times indicates type of event) and if you’re not too sure, you can place a call across to the host so as to avoid being the odd one out.

Religious Ceremonies

Religious ceremonies and events that are far between in occurrence may require a more savvy appearance. Baptism, child dedication and Friday and Sunday worship in the mosques and churches respectively are times to dig out your native attires. You could also go for suits, pleated trousers and lovely shoes. You’d definitely look good and be appreciated for wearing natives or suits than you ever could be on jeans