6 reasons why you should have sex against a wall

Having sex against a wall can seem like a pretty daunting task for some men. They worry that they might not be strong or fit enough to make the best out of it.

You do not need to lift her up if this is hard, simply having you both stand together can be very thrilling. Here are the rewards;

1. This position helps you to hit the G-spot and stimulate the clitoris, allowing you for deep penetration.

2. To make things a little interesting, your woman can wrap her legs around your waist as you get closer. With her back against the wall, all you have to do is hold her as you try to penetrate her.

Standing sex position

3. To further intensify the act, don’t take off all your clothes. You can rip off some but not all for a quickie. Allow your woman to unbutton your shirt without stripping.

4. When in a standing position as you thrust in and out, ask your woman to tighten her thighs as it helps in better friction and penetration.

Standing sex position

5. The act also allows you to fondle her breasts and kiss her neck.

6. The standing position against the wall is perfect for oral sex as well.

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