9 tips to help get through any challenge

Life’s always going to throw challenges at you and that’s why you need these helpful hacks here and there to combat life’s difficulties. So, we have a few style hacks to help with your style.

Looking outstanding involves time and money, in order to save a bit of both, we’ve put together a list of ways you can cut corners without giving up so much style.

1.) Roll up your sleeves: Roll your sleeves up neatly by following these simple steps: First extend your sleeves and unbutton the cuffs. Next, turn the sleeve at the cuff, curl it upward and over until it’s inside out. Then, straighten the bottom and top of the curled cuff, making sure there are no wrinkles. Repeat the process as necessary to your desired length.

2.) Watch out for socks: Rather than just picking up just about any pair of socks your hands find, try to coordinate your socks such that they don’t stray too far off from the color of your pants but they are not exactly the same.

3.) Schedule your shoes: You don’t want to wear the same exact thing day in day out, such that it becomes predictable. Aside from that, it starts to wear out faster and you have to spend more money on clothes. Instead, alternate your shoes so they last longer and you are spontaneous.

4.) Unwrinkle with ice cubes: I know a lot of times, we are rushing and we don’t have time to iron our clothes, so what can you do? Try to get rid of wrinkles by including about 2 or 3 ice cubes with a few pairs of shirts or pants when drying your clothes in the dryer and turn up the heat to the highest and you’ll have crisp smooth clothes.

5.) Moisturize your hair: There are so many hair products out there and they can be very harsh so instead of using a lot of hair products, try swapping for moisturizers and try to minimize it to a pea sized amount and that should be fine.

6.) Beat alcohol with alcohol: Mistakes happen and we can spill our red wine on that super white couch. No worries, just get some hard liquor like Vodka or Rum and pour it on the stained spot while rubbing it off with a paper towel or cloth and that’s it!

7.) Avoid shrinking: Sometimes we forget or we don’t realize and we put our favorite clothing pieces into the dryer and it gets super shrunk. How’s how you can undo that: Fill a bucket with warm water, adding a tablespoon of conditioner or baby shampoo for each litre. Then soak your clothes into the solution for 30 minutes. Remove it from solution and wring dry without rinsing. Finally, put your items on a towel and stretch them out back to their original shape.

8.) Capture labels: Rather than having the same problem of wondering what your sizes are, take a shot of the size and measurement facts when next you buy an outfit, before you take the tag off and have it on your phone so you can check 0ver and over.

9.) Get out toothpaste stains: If you want to get those stubborn paste stains off your fancy shirt, here’s how: Touch the area with a clean moist cloth. Make a soapy solution with laundry detergent. Touch the moist cloth in the solution and touch the stained part. Then finally, touch the spot again with water and then let it dry.