Car chased by policemen crashes into family, kills two

Two people in South London have been crushed to death after a car being chased by police crashed into pedestrians.

The incident happened at about 2.05pm on Wednesday in Lennard Road, Penge.

The car, according to reports was being chased by police when it rammed into a number of people who were in Lennard Road.

The car was being chased because it had been reported stolen.

An eyewitness said, “People were trying to lift a car off a little girl. The police officers that were chasing the car were distraught.”

According to Independent IE, another eyewitness said apart from the two people who died, he saw two casualties who were children being taken away by ambulance.

One Tayla Goodman told Sky News she saw “children running away” from the scene in “absolute tears, unable to speak”.

She said, “then a lady ran out across from Penge east station shouting ‘that’s my baby’ … ‘that’s my baby over there’.

“It just looked like complete carnage. It was absolutely awful to see what happened.”

She said the car was “ploughed into the grass bank” of the housing estate and described people “running through” police tape and screaming.

18-year-old Venissa Vassell said she heard sirens and a car screeching as she walked from the train station and immediately ran to help.

She said there were twin girls aged around seven trapped under the car and 20 people came to lift the car up to free them.

The girls “crawled out”, she said, but another girl, aged around 11, who was later taken away by ambulance, was screaming ‘I can’t feel my legs’.

Another woman, believed to be in her late 30s or early 40s, and 10-year-old boy she was was related to, were killed, Vassell said.

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