Charly Boy mourns Ozubulu church victims, tasks govt. on security

Charly Boy

Charly Boy, showbiz superstar and activist, on Monday expressed sadness over Sunday’s killing of worshippers in a church in Anambra State, and urged all levels of government to be proactive on security matters.

The lone gunman reportedly killed 11 persons and injured 18 others.

Charly Boy, in an interview with reporters, described the crime as the height of man’s wickedness to his fellow man, and a sacrilege against God.

“That is the height of total disregard for the sanctity of human life, and my heart goes out to the victims, their families and the entire community.

“How can people be worshipping their creator and some inhumane fellow murder them in cold blood.

“There is no justifiable reason that should cause this massacre on a people, and every Nigerian must stand up and speak with one voice against it.

“I sympathise with the community and the state at large.”

The “Area Fada”, as he is popularly addressed by young people, noted that the Ozubulu incident was a clear indication that security agencies needed to do more in protecting lives and property.

He, therefore, urged leaders at all levels to prioritise security and give it the needed seriousness, to forestall a recurrence.

“For armed men to drive into a community and attack a church, shows that there are no proactive security measures in place for the ordinary Nigerian.

“If a top politician was in that service or environment, there would have been numbers of security personnel assigned to him.

“Our leaders must stop playing politics with everything, including security of lives.

“We must stand up and do the right thing because every Nigerian has a right to life, protection and other basic things of life,” he said.

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