‘I discovered my music talent in church’

When did you start music?

I started from the church. Then, I was a member of the choir. I learnt how to play musical instruments, such as mouth organ, flute and trumpet. That was where I had my foundation in music. At the age of 12, I had started writing lyrics. I started with gospel music, I added rap later. But naturally, I am a singer.

What does EP stand for?

It is called ‘Extended Play’ to launch my coming album. This is just like a taste of what the album will look like. I will drop three tracks next Saturday from the album. There is a song already being played. It is titled Mirror. The song will be premiered on UNILAG Radio and we are going to have air time on Kiss FM the same day.

What inspired the songs you released?

My inspiration came from the need to create awareness for my name in the music industry. The reason I am releasing the album is actually to get a record deal. That is basically the objective, but I am seeing farther than what I have achieved now. The first thing is to get a record deal, because I could grow a fan base with these songs. And this will make my name to be attractive to record labels.

Without being signed up to record label, how did you finance your album?

Actually, I will appreciate friends who support my dream. I don’t have sponsors yet, and it has not been easy. I believe support will come after I drop the first album. I have to do quality songs for people to hear and accept my talent. This is the best way to draw investment.

What makes your music unique?

I sing Afro-fusion, rap and R&B. All these put together make my music to be unique, because I am versatile. I don’t just sing one kind of music. You will find it funny that I can sing reggae too. I can tell you that Magikz is a complete brand.

Do your parents support your music?

I won’t say they support it completely, because most parents don’t want their children to do music. But for me, my mum supports it partially. Every parent wants their child to go to school and get good grades. I will definitely complete my education, because this is very fundamental. I have partial support from my mum, but my dad does not want to hear anything like music. I am confident he would change his mind when he sees my talent.

How do you cope, combining music with academics?

I try not to think that education is the least. I also try not to look at music as everything. I still take my education very seriously. I try as much as possible to focus on both. But as it stands now, I can’t say I’m 100 per cent focused on any of them. Right now, I would say music is taking more of my time. But, as God would have it, I am not dullard. I believe things will work out for me on both sides.

What is your advice for students doing music? 

They should know that whatever they do, they must give total commitment to it. You don’t know where God will help you. Everywhere you find yourself, always try to express your talent and don’t believe that the future is coming. The future is now. Education will actually open your mind to aspire for more. It is what you use the education to achieve will be your gain.

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