Lagos urges peaceful resolution of conflicts

The Lagos State Government has urged residents to embrace mediation in resolving disputes to enhance peaceful coexistence in the state.

The government said mediation, as an alternative to dispute resolution, was a tool that could foster global peace among citizens of the world.

The Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Adeniji Kazeem, spoke while commemorating the 2016 United Nations 2016 International Day of Peace, a statement said on Sunday.

Kazeem noted that everyone had a role to play in maintaining peace in their neighbourhood, adding that all segments of society had to work together for peace to reign.

According to him, the state government, in its commitment to peace, had put measures in place to foster peaceful coexistence in the state, as government recognised that Lagos as a commercial nerve centre of the Sub-Saharan Africa served as a convergence point for business, hospitality and tourism.

He said, “Mediation is a process that has become globally accepted and conforms with the constitutional responsibility of government to promote peace within the state. Nigeria, like every other country in the world, at this particular time needs peace in all its constituents.”

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