Man found guilty of raping a pregnant goat

When Knowledge Khumalo heard his pregnant goat making strange noises in the night, he had expected to see her new kid the next morning.

He couldn’t have imagined the goat was bleating from being taken away from her pen to be penetrated by another man.

It wasn’t until he examined the animal and found it was unwell, that a neighbour told him they had found the goat in Feselani Mcube’s bed.

The incident happened in Winterveldt, South Africa.

Mcube, a 33-year-old bricklayer, had slept with the goat overnight.

Khumalo said he had heard the animal making ‘strange noises’ around eight at night on August 9 before finding her missing the next morning.

“I did not take it seriously.I thought maybe it was about to give birth since it was pregnant,” he said.

“I went around the community looking without any success Later, when I returned home, I found the goat was back. However, it looked unwell.”

A concerned neighbour, however, told him the goat was seen in Mcube’s bed that morning.

Mcube initially denied having sex with the goat when he was confronted by Khumalo and some locals, but later confessed that he committed the act after he found the goat in his shack.

He was arrested and charged with a bestiality crime, to which he was found guilty at Ga-Rankuwa magistrates court.

Mcube will be sentenced on November 20.

An animal welfare inspector, Mishack Matlou said it was the “highest form of animal cruelty” he had seen.

The goat, reports say, was recovering after receiving medical treatment from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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