One too many dates

I wanted to look simple, classy but sexy at the same time not desperate flirty and trashy. God forbid my date thinks am trying to impress him. I rolled my eyes at that thought. Our mutual friend had introduced us weeks back and the guy seemed cool, nice and intelligent from our previous discussions. I couldn’t wait to meet him in flesh.

Off I went to the chosen rendezvous for drinks in Ikeja. On a date, I always like being there before time so as to afford me the needed time to collect my thoughts and most importantly, assess my date before he sits down in front of me.

Anyway, yours truly got there early enough to take time to window shop and do little shopping before he arrived. He eventually came and yes I liked what I saw so I smiled a genuine smile at him and the date began. We got talking; conversation was good, no bad speeches or improper use of tenses. At least he was coherent enough. Bad use of English and inability to speak well is a big turn off for me. So my date was scoring points with me.

It was time to order and lo and behold, English speaking bobo said he was broke and only had N400 on him. I smiled and said I got it, he kept apologizing. I was like WTF (excuse my French) and kept wondering why the date when he was too broke to afford 1. Bobo lost so many points instantly!

Food and drinks were served, you need to have seen the way bobo digged in and started eating unashamedly. It was obvious english speaking bobo hadn’t had breakfast talk less of lunch. Hmmmm… he even went ahead to serve himself from the big jar of juice and kept refilling his glass. I only smiled.

Conversation continued, all of a sudden, due to over bellyfull, bobo kept on talking and talking, I didn’t even get a chance to talk at all. He wasn’t even interested in hearing about me; I just rolled my eyes and lost concentration. He lost all points he had initially achieved. Date was officially over for me, I couldn’t wait to get home.

Second date was at the cinema. Bobo was tall, cute and had six packs (yes I knew because I had seen pictures). We decided to do a 4pm movie at the mall and 6 packs told me to purchase the tickets if I get there before him. Don’t get me wrong, I have no ish with buying movie tickets but not on the FIRST date! He even pushed his luck and requested I buy popcorn and drinks as well. I just laughed in my head. Such guts!

6 packs is supposed to be a banker in a new generation bank, what kind of cheap guy is that? Fast forward to our date (moi didn’t purchase the tickets, I made sure I got there very late) bobo felt the need to hold my hand while watching the movie. Come on, not like we are watching a horror movie, so why the need for body contact? I sha enabled him.

After the movie, I requested we go have a quick bite because I was starving. While at the counter of a fast food, 6packs told me, ‘if you want lunch, you have to pay for it, after all I paid for the tickets’ I was stunned. Thank God I carried vex money, I ignored him, made my order and even asked what he wanted. He placed his order, smart guy! Date was officially over; 6packs had lost all his points.

Third date was with an Advert Canvasser. He was tall, dark and good looking. We had chatted through blackberry messenger, oh yea, we flowed. The kind of chat that leaves you seeking more. Before his arrival, I had sat for like 20mins waiting in anticipation. When he came I wasn’t disappointed, he was very cute and looked better than his pictures. I smiled and was happy.

Deep into conversation, I realized we didn’t really flow in person but better through social media. That kind of feeling that you would have rather communicated with the person through social media than in flesh. He kept talking and talking and talking, at a point, my mind drifted which was a bad sign. At least he didn’t make me order food for both of us or tell me he is too broke to afford it. Date was officially over because I wasn’t feeling the vibes.

Back at home I kept wondering why I had to go through the pains of meeting guys for the first time and get my high hopes dashed. That’s what happened when you expect too much from a person. This is so frustrating. The fun of chatting, sending sms and calling ends when you finally meet the person and begin the whole, ‘so tell me about yourself, where are you from, how old are you, where did you school? Bla bla bla…

Some dates are enjoyable, while others are downright horrible!! I’ve taken a break from dates till when I recover from those broke ass guys I went on dates with. Lol.


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