Pour it up! Rihanna’s wine chic

Right before you skid into an unstoppable shame spiral that begins with you calling Judas on all your friends and ends with a Bubba Sparxxx tattoo, the notion that a glass of booze works as the perfect accessory to an outfit makes total sense.

On a mere (sober) mortal, though, it looks as if you are gunning for an Asbo, but not on Rihanna. She is a fashion ninja, who treats every stroll down to the shops as if it’s a catwalk or a video shoot. Her choice of weapon is a glass of wine, red or white (never declasse rosé). We are not suggesting she has a drinking problem, just that she knows how to work, work, work a glass. The key seems to be matching the hue of her pinot or cabernet with the tones in her outfit. It’s as if she has drunk the moodboard (and who can blame her?).

Most recently she paired a Vetements sock heel, her Star Trek-channellingRihanna X Dior sunglasses with a white Faustine Steinmetz ribbed dress and a oversize Balenciaga shearling stole. Oh, and a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc. Tonally, the latter went perfectly with the ensemble. Also fabric wise, the meshing of glass with the shearling and the ribbed dress fabric felt very Dries van Noten.

And who can forget the time she married boudoir with booze chic? Heading to the recording studio at stupid o’clock wearing pink silk pyjamas with a sheer bra, blush mules, a bodyguard (who was wearing a matching pink polo shirt) and a glass of dark maroon alcohol in a tumbler. There are other times, such as when her health-goth look (health bit: she was watching the Paris Saint-Germain match, goth bit: black lipstick, Vetements hoodie) was supplemented by a glass of blood-red wine.

Like raptor hands, the fake vape pose and using a green juice as a makeshift clutch slash humblebrag, Rihanna’s wine chic has set the bar (tab) for a new age of post-selfie posing. Cheers, we’ll drink to that.

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