Remove my nude pictures or face the wrath – Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Former No.1 golfer, Tiger Woods is set to sue a porn site that posted explicit nude photos of him and his old flame, Lindsey Vonn.

The site – which has chosen not to name – posted the nude photos after they were hacked from Vonn’s phone, TMZ reported.

They include images of Woods that he sent to the Olympic gold-medalist skier while the pair were in a relationship, the site said.

It is believed that of the two private images purporting to be of Woods, both also obscure his face – although the bottom half of the face in the images look strikingly similar to Woods’.

In one, the man is seen shirtless on a golf course, holding a club. In the other, he is totally nude, facing forward and apparently taking a photo in a full-length mirror.

Other photos in the gallery include Vonn and Woods in fully-clothed selfies, and one image of the pair posing for a photo, looking close.

A video, purportedly also of Vonn in a bath, has also been leaked on the site, although the woman’s face is glimpsed for only a moment.

Woods is reportedly furious about the leak and is demanding that the site remove the images or face his wrath.

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