Things wives need but won’t tell you

Women are said to be very subtle and complex creatures. She bases every decision on expectations and emotions. She feels more than she thinks and doesn’t exactly tell you what she needs. Instead, she makes you figure out her needs. It is in her nature, but being a complex human being doesn’t mean that it is impossible to comprehend what she needs. For every man trying to figure out her wife but keep on failing, don’t give up.

She needs your complete attention

You need to show your wife that she has priority in your life. Therefore, when she wants to talk, talk to her with full attention. Don’t use your phone or watch TV while nodding your head as if you are listening. This divided attention might discourage your wife. She might stop sharing things gradually or will not feel like talking anymore. That’s why, whenever she wants to talk, turn off the TV, put down your mobile, and give her your complete attention so that she can feel valued.

Help around the house

Your wife might never say this, but she does need help while carrying out daily tasks. Rather than telling her you are drained after coming home from the office, do some house chores with her. After all, it is your home too. She, too, might get exhausted of doing daily tasks or by working at the office. She might feel fed up by her daily routine, but she will never ask you to do home chores with her. Therefore, it’s better to help her and tell her that you care. Always remember there are no assigned tasks in marriages. Working together is essential to a happy and successful marriage.


Intimacy is a prime aspect of marriage. It is not just about making love but also about giving her attention or just holding her when she needs you. Men think sex is primarily physical, but women think in a different way. For her, it is mainly emotional. A woman might not tell you, but holding her and caressing her are sometimes intimate enough.

Give her a break

Most women never tell their husband if they ever need a break. She may feel exhausted, sick, or tired but will hardly show it. This exhaustion can turn slowly and gradually into frustration, anger, and stubbornness. Don’t let this happen. Tell her that it is okay if she takes a break from her regular, dull routine. When she feels fed up, tell her to take a rest and ask her what she wants to be done so that you can do it.

Try to have more fun

Having a good time in your marital life is vital; otherwise, it gradually gets boring and starts losing the essence of marriage. Neither you nor your wife is a robot that can work 24/7. Your wife might not tell you, but she wants her marriage life to be fun. You should take some time out of work and enjoy with your wife. Explore places like new restaurants, go to beaches, or just watch a movie at home together.

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