Tyga sent death threats to transgender model over sex tape release

The transgender model claiming she had an affair with Tyga for three years with his manhood picture to prove it, has also revealed the rapper and his best friend King Trell are sending her death threats after she threatened to post a sex tape of her and the rapper online yesterday, June 7.

Mia Isabella did not only claim Tyga had sex and paid for her sexual services but she also claims that the rapper still owes her.

Mia Isabella

In her recent post on Instagram on June 7, which has long been deleted, Isabella wrote:

”I dont know how to use Instagram like that just yet but to @_kingtrell @theshaderoominc @balleralert @thacelebritea I don;t understand how me living my truth is so offencive to u. I didn;t ask Tyga to call my phone an hire me. I didn’t ask him to be a cheap a** and only pay $250 and want full service for a whole hour

”I even have refered other girls to him. I have been seeing Tyga for years but what I won’t do is continue to be some guys dirty little secrete for crumbs. Trell you dont know anything about me to call me a wierdo… I know Tyga from the inside out . I have the pics and videos to prove it.

”Maybe you two should concentrate on making better music then he could pay me better instead on calling someone whose d**k has been all down Tygas throat a weirdo….#miaisabella.” (Note that both her Twitter and IG account have disappeared )

Mia Isabella hints death threats from Tyga on InstagramplayMia Isabella hints death threats from Tyga on Instagram

(Instagram @OfficialMiaIsabella) 

Mia Isabella then ranted against him and his best friend King Trell for allegedly making death threat. Posting a picture of a laday in a sexy red lingerie holding up a gun, Mia captioned:

”Lets be clear you can stop the death threats @kinggoldchainsyou and ur bff @_kingtrell #MiaIsabella yall got the right one… I’m not that b**ch I’m releasing the f**king video …#staytune.”

Tyga’s laywers haven’t denied he sent a photo of his dick to a woman – supposedlyu Mia – but the rapper thinks the devil showed up at his door. He tweeted.

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